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Shriners to Take Insurance Money but Not Patient Cash

Apparently it’s possible to take insurance without having to collect any copays or deductibles from patients. That’s news to me. Apparently Medicare and Medicaid have a waiver you can get to allow this scenario, but the article leads me to believe that with “private” insurances you can just drop the copay. Huh.

The libertarian in me thinks that ideally I should be able to collect or not collect with impunity, but I was sure current contractual agreements with “private” insurers required that I always collect.

(Note: I put quotes around “private” insurance since Obamacare effectively takes the free out of free enterprise.)

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Written by David Langford, O.D.

David Langford is a graduate of PUCO 2003, worked as a USPHS/IHS optometrist, then as fill-in commercial, then solo private practice, and now works full time as an independent doctor of optometry inside a Wal-Mart Vision Center.

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