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Percentages of Types of Exams from a Walmart Practice

For you optometry students trying to make up numbers for your business plan, here are some percentages from my average Walmart practice:

Eye Exam Types

Types of eye exams, by percentage, done by optoblog at his Walmart practice for 2007-YTD2010 (9-17-2010). Also, percentage of all exams needing insurance billing.
YTD 201046%47%7%26%

In 2007 and 2008 I didn’t track the percentage of patients using insurance because I didn’t have to bill very much back then.

For more interesting stats to help you make your business plan, the OBA-CE has compiled these:

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2 Responses

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  1. Frank says

    Is that “insurance” category vision or medical insurance billed, or both? I thought most visits to eye doctors was covered under insurance?

    • David Langford says

      In this particular case, it is all insurance: vision and medical. Do you think every single person in the world has insurance? Do you think Obama is going to pay for your eye exam?

      I have an idea. Why don’t we all pay for doctor office visits ourselves? Then if your crazy insurance wants to pay for things like hair cuts, oil changes, and routine eye exams, you can send them a receipt and get reimbursed. Take the doctors out of the cost so that we can lower our prices.

Written by David Langford, O.D.

David Langford is a graduate of PUCO 2003, worked as a USPHS/IHS optometrist, then as fill-in commercial, then solo private practice, and now works full time as an independent doctor of optometry inside a Wal-Mart Vision Center.

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